What kind of artist are you?

There are few talented artist in the world. To find your point of view in the world of art, take this quiz to decide your artistic personality. The world is a small place full of big minds. (You will need to draw certain objects, so you will require a pencil and some paper).

Leonardo DiVinci, a portrait artist. Calvin Daniel, a cartoon artist. Rae Ann, a commercial artist. Or Arronald Blackwater, a fine artist. Which position suits you? Find out in this popular quiz.

Created by: Rae
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  1. Draw a tail for a cat. Is the cat tail you drew:
  2. Draw some ears for a dog. Are the dogs ears:
  3. Draw what Igor is eating, on his plate. Is Igor eating:
  4. Draw a little girl, named Ivana, and give her a face. Is Ivana:
  5. Design a shirt for Igby. Igby's shirt has:
  6. Draw a flower. Do the leaves have:
  7. Draw a shape or an object of your choice. Is your drawing a:
  8. Go back to Ivana's face. Are her eyes:
  9. Back at the dog and his ears, what about his snout. Is it:
  10. When you watch TV, do you think of:

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Quiz topic: What kind of artist am I?