What kind of Artist are you?

You like art, but can never quite figure out what your style is. Good news! I have the answer right here, and all you need to do is grab a snack and endure a couple of questions to gain the answer you've been searching for!

I have this quiz set up to where the questions really reflect your personality, and your tastes which plays a huge part in your art style. You may have not known that how you dress, eat, talk, and think can give a lot of experienced artist a good picture of what style of art you're most likely best with.

Created by: Kayla Allen
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  1. If you were to create a picture would you use: a) pens, b) pencils, c) coloring pencils, d) crayons, e) paint, or f) oil pastels
  2. What appeals to you in art? a) People, b) cartoons, c) Wildlife, d) Fantasy, e) designs, or f) all the above.
  3. Do you buy cheap food or gourmet?
  4. Do you like bright colors, dark, or both?
  5. If you had to choose one thing to take to an art studio would it be coffee or cigarettes?
  6. Are you happy, sad, or calm when creating art?
  7. Do you charge people for your artwork?
  8. Do you use your own ideas or world images in your artwork?
  9. Are you unhealthy or healthy?
  10. Do you like classics or rock?
  11. Would you rather use a beach, forest, or mountain as your studio?
  12. Would you try to use food as paint?
  13. When you read is it: Romance, horror, fantasy, or non-fiction?
  14. Do you date or are you married?
  15. Do you pay attention in class(if going to school)?
  16. Do you like mystical or natural?

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Quiz topic: What kind of Artist am I?