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  • SKETCHER ?! :) iLike it

    RavenGriff Dec 8 '15, 12:41AM
  • Drawer! So true!
    *You love fantasy and have to be inspired to draw* Love the descriptions! Very accurate.

    MusicMaster Jan 27 '15, 7:30PM
  • 44%

    horse20024 Nov 9 '13, 5:51PM
  • 44% drawer.

    eh. okay quiz

    Hunteriscool Mar 31 '12, 8:09PM
  • Sorry for questions 4 and 5 I messed those up.

    Tigger May 30 '08, 4:27PM
  • 93% Prof. Artist...interestin g, but true.remember-Love is thief, creeping in to steal your heart...

    rockmusicfreak May 23 '08, 3:10PM
  • 89% Professional Artist! YES! I love art!

    iluvalldogs May 23 '08, 11:26AM
  • Brilliant.
    And quite true throughtout the statement.
    Or is it a suggestion?
    Someth ing to ponder on tonight...

    Jordyy May 22 '08, 11:38PM

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