Are you a reality show junkie?

There are many tv shows to choose from, ecspecially when the average home in America has multiple tv sets and cable with a couple hundred channels to choose from. Do you like detective shows? Drama? Sit coms? BUT, real tv, the best tv, is Reality TV. Do you love Amazing Race? Can't get enough of Survivor? Do you wait all week to catch the next looser on Deal or No Deal? If this is you, why not see just how much you know about your favorite shows?

Test yourself with this "Are you a reality tv show junkie" quiz! See how much you really know about your favorite reality tv shows. Are you hooked or just curious? Ace the quiz and pride yourself in knowing that YOU are definatly a very well educated couch potato!

Created by: amazon
  1. What number season of American Idol is currently playing with live shows?
  2. Who was last years American Idol winner?
  3. What Amazing Race couple has their own tv show and is currently racing for a second time on Amazing Race All Stars?
  4. Who is the host of Amazing Race?
  5. Where is The Apprentice being filmed this season?
  6. On The Apprentice this year, what happens if your team loses? What is the TWIST?
  7. What does the winner of The Apprentice win?
  8. On Survivor, you may be sent to what place?
  9. Where is the location of Survivor this season, happening now?
  10. How much money does the winner of Survivor receive?
  11. Who is the host of America's Next Top Model?
  12. Who won the first season of Dancing With the Stars?
  13. Winners of Dancing with the stars win how much money?
  14. Participants on Wife Swap must spend how many days with their new family?
  15. On Wife Swap or trading Spousees, do the participants win money?
  16. What is the name of the show that judges contestants on their ability create fashion clothing peices?
  17. What reality show judges contestants based on their ability to face cooking challenges?
  18. What is the daytime job of the two main hosts of Ghost Hunters?
  19. Supernanny's real name is ___?
  20. Nanny 911 has how many nannies that they send to America to help families tame thier kids?
  21. Top Design judges contestants on their abilty to what?
  22. Fear Factor challenges contestants to perform dangerous stunts for cash prizes. Name a stunt.
  23. In tv's newest show, Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader, who is the host?
  24. How many breifcases are available to choose from on Deal or No Deal?
  25. What is the name of the person who offers you money deals on Deal or No Deal?
  26. The show "World's Deadliest Catch" is about men who brave the most dangerous job to catch what?
  27. Who is the host of Extreme Home Makeover-Home Edition?
  28. On Extreme Home Makeover, the main catch phrase is...

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Quiz topic: Am I a reality show junkie?