do you know me quiz 2nd edition

so i made a do you know me quiz back when i was a total noob. it sucks hard when i looked at it so i came out with the 2nd edition. its meant to be harder for all those looking for a challenge.

if you get a hundred so help me i will do the cinnamon challenge. or the mcdonalds challenge. one or the other. but seriously good luck with the quiz bro!

Created by: absol heart

  1. whats my favorite book series
  2. am i guy or girl
  3. favorite card game
  4. what vanguard deck do i use
  5. how many girlfriends have i had total
  6. favorite graphic novel series
  7. favorite pokemon
  8. whats my favorite yugioh character
  9. whats my main yugioh deck
  10. whats my birthday
  11. how old am i
  12. favorite pokemon theme song
  13. favorite food
  14. favorie color
  15. favorite sonic character
  16. lastly. favorite video game genra

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Quiz topic: Do I know me quiz 2nd edition