How well do YOU know Survivors?

This is a test on your skills of the series Survivors by Erin Hunter one of my personal favorite series, I hope you have as much fun with this quiz as I did making it! ;)

This test is long (34 qs long to be exact) it's a test of your memory and refreshes your Survivors knowledge it has qs on each book they took a while to think of, but it was fun!

Created by: Noname

  1. First! What is the name of the first book in the Gathering Darkness series?
  2. What is the saying on the back of, A Pack Divided?
  3. All right now let’s dive in! In the book The Empty City who helps Lucky in the longpaw mall?
  4. (A Hidden Enemy) Who did Lucky save from falling to their death?
  5. (A Hidden Enemy) Who does Lucky use to save himself and help selfish Whine?
  6. (A Hidden Enemy) What are the names of Moon and Fiery's pups?
  7. (Darkness Falls) What are the pup names of the three fierce pups?
  8. (The Broken Path) Who does Lick destroy?
  9. (The Broken Path) Who is Lick, Wiggle, and Grunt's REAL mother-dog?
  10. (The Broken Path) What adult name did Lick choose?
  11. (The Endless Lake) Who was on the search party to refind the Wild Pack?
  12. (The Endless Lake) What did Alpha call Storm because he said she didn't have 'a proper naming ceremony'?
  13. (The Endless Lake) In the battle with the fierce dogs on the lake road which dog did Lake-dog take the life of?
  14. (The Endless Lake) Blade the crazed fierce dog Alpha had a trial called the Trial of Rage she made a deal with the wild pack that if Storm passed and didn't let her rage overwhelm her then the Wild Pack could keep her, but if she failed and killed her brother in rage then she would stay with the Fierce Dog Pack, did she pass? Did she stay with the Wild Pack?
  15. (Storm of Dogs) Who is Lucky's new mate?
  16. (Storm of Dogs) Which pack did the Wild Pack call for help when they were about to go into battle?
  17. (Storm of Dogs) Which dogs died in the Storm of Dogs in the Ice Battle?
  18. (A Pack Divided) How was Moon sabotaged?
  19. (A Pack Divided) Who was killed the night Storm had chased the Golden Deer?
  20. (Dead of Night) Who's bed was sabotaged with clear-stone?
  21. Who's prey was sabotaged with clear-stone?
  22. (Into the Shadows) Which dogs left the pack?
  23. (Red Moon Rising) What happened to Moon when she fell in a ditch?
  24. (Red Moon Rising) Why did Storm leave her pack?
  25. (The Exile's Journey) Who was the Wolf Storm met?
  26. (The Exile's Journey) Which Fierce Dogs did Storm run into?
  27. (The Exile's Journey) How many and what were the names of Bella and Arrow's surviving pups?
  28. (The Exile's Journey) Which of these three is the bad dog?
  29. When does The Final Battle come out?
  30. Bonus Questions! From Alpha's Tale what is Alpha's real name?
  31. Also a Bonus Question from Alpha's Tale. Who is Alpha's old mate?
  32. Bonus Question from Sweet's Journey. Who is Callie?
  33. Another Bonus Question from Moon's Choice. Who was Moon's sister

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