Would you pass the Hunter Exam?

The Hunter Exam is a test to determine powerful individuals worthy of becoming Hunters. The tests are incredibly difficult, and there's only a very tiny percentage of people who actually pass.

The Hunter Exam itself is from the anime and manga series Hunter X Hunter. It's a good series, and I'd recommend it to people. Though to be honest, if you're taking this quiz you probably already at least know OF the series. Answer these as honestly as possible, for either yourself or any fictional characters you choose to test.

Created by: LuckyYena
  1. You've finally found the site of the Hunter Exam. You're greeted by an overweight man who offers you a can of drink. Unknown to you, it's laced with a powerful laxative, which lacks any noticeable smell, color or taste. What do you do?
  2. OK, now the exam truly begins! The first test is a run! So, how far can you actually run in one go?
  3. You make it to the end, and after some drama involving a fake examiner, you learn you need to do MORE running, this time through a SWAMP! AND it's foggy too, so you could easily get lost!
  4. Regardless of what you chose in the last question, by some miracle you make it through. Your next task is to hunt down a pig and prepare a pork dish. These pigs are ENORMOUS, easily bigger than a man, and can knock down trees like they're nothing! How will you handle them?
  5. Now you have a pig, do you actually have any idea how to select the right cuts of meat from the beast, and how to prepare it right?
  6. Regardless of how well you cook, everyone is failed. But there's still hope! Your new challenge is to jump off a cliff, grab onto something on the way down, retrieve a large egg, and ride the powerful winds back up again. One mistake will cost you your life. You can do this, right?
  7. You complete this challenge, and you're taken to your third exam location. Trick Tower. An enormous tower which doubles as a prison. You have three days to reach the bottom. But first, how do you plan to descend?
  8. No matter what your choice, you still somehow end up inside the tower. So here's your next question. How intelligent are you?
  9. Alright, so how good are you when it comes to fighting? Are you any good in one-on-one combat? Can you kick some serious butt when you need to?
  10. How lucky do you consider yourself to be? Are you one who experiences great misfortune? Or are you one of the luckier people in this world?
  11. You make it to the bottom of the tower. After the 72 hours are up, you're taken to the next phase. You're to claim the badge of another exam candidate, but you know they seriously outclass you in combat. You can, however, take three badges from other opponents if you prefer. Your choice?
  12. You obtain the badges you need. But you still need to survive several days out in the wilderness. Have you ever hunted an animal for food before?
  13. How's your sense of direction?
  14. Do you know which plants and fungi are edible, and which ones are poisonous, without referring to any sort of guidebooks?
  15. Do you know which plants and fungi are edible, and which ones are poisonous, without referring to any sort of guidebooks?
  16. Are you capable of building a shelter that can protect you from the elements?
  17. Are you prepared to kill another human being in order to succeed?
  18. Assuming you survive this test, you have one final task- it's a test of fighting skill against your fellow candidates. This lot will have been tough enough to survive just as you were, and there's a chance they could even be stronger than you. Will you be ready to fight?
  19. Do you refuse to surrender to an opponent, even if you know they are stronger and more skilled than you?
  20. Will you do anything to win, even if it means breaking an opponent's bones, destroying their spirit, and intimidating them into submission if necessary?
  21. And finally, if you do pass the Hunter Exam, what do you plan to do after?

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