Hunter or Not??????(for girls)

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Hello! I am First Lieutenant Fireblaze! Meet my deputy, Ashstream. Ok, so here you are standing you will be justified if you will be a hunter or not. Artemis hunter.

Take this now! It might put you with all of us! Well? Sit, while I inquire you about your personally, your traits, and the most important, your hunter spirit.

Created by: Dreamcatcher1086
  1. Huh. Hello. First of all, are you a girl?
  2. Second, do you like boys?
  3. Now, to the important stuff. Do you want to be a hunter?
  4. Now to test on your fitness. Answer truthfully! Are you fast and have good stamina when running?
  5. Are you fast at swimming laps, and treading for a long time?
  6. When your running, can you weave behind, over, around, you get my drift, around obstacles?
  7. Are you tough?Against anything.
  8. Desicon time! A hott boy is right nearby, and you are hanging from a cliff. Do you?(You are very hott in the story)
  9. You are still very hott) A boy as hott as you askes you out you...
  10. You lay down on the grass, resting when a hott boy comes over and sits next to you, there as clear as a bell, but not saying a word. You..
  11. A hott boy comes up to you, and links hands with you. He turns around, shy, and looking for a kiss, and you...
  12. You discover your boyfriend was cheating on you. You ...
  13. The hottest boy pulls you into a room, switches off the lights, than you feel another lip kiss yours. You...
  14. You look at the moonlight, when you are lifted up, put into a bag, than loaded onto a truck. When it stops, you find the hottest boy in the world was stalking you, and he wants to marry you. You..
  15. You are drowning. A hott boy picks you up in his arms, and kisses you on his raft. You
  16. This is probably my longest quiz ever! Bye!

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