What kind of Warrior Cat are you?

Have you read the Warrior Series imagining yourself running along with FireStar and wishing you could battle along BrambleClaw? The Warrior series is a series by Erin Hunter that tells about the Wild Cats

You may have taken a quiz to find out your name but what about your clan? Until now you probably searched but weren't satisfied but now you can be! I really need to work on my paragraphs:-)

Created by: Butterfly(nn)
  1. Your hunting with your friend DawnBreeze when you hear kits mewling on the RiverClan side of the border. You look and their drowning!You...
  2. What food do you like out of these?
  3. Which would you chose as a mate
  4. It's rumored in camp that a tom named Lionstorm is going to talk to you,what should you do
  5. What would you name your kit?
  6. Your leader LillyStream wants to talk to you about becoming deputy,you...
  7. What were you known for being at school?
  8. What position would you like?
  9. Do you....
  10. These last few questions are just to benefit me... Did you find that this quiz sparked a fire of interest in you?
  11. Do you think I should make more quizzes in the future?

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Quiz topic: What kind of Warrior Cat am I?