which thunderclan warrior cat are you (new series)

i was motivated to create this quiz because i love the warrior cats book series and if you love the warrior cats as well you will want to take this quiz it's fun and exciting to see which character you are most like are you the brave loyal and fearful firestar or lionblaze,or are you the smart honest and respectful jayfeather or dovewing find out in this quiz.

always imagine that you are a warrior cat but never know which one you want to be? well take this quiz and you can easily find which cat you are most like and then you can be able to compare to that character and connect to them closer this is to help some readers be closer to the characters to where it almost feels as if you were them!so try this quiz and be a warrior.

Created by: rachel of yahoo
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  1. if your clan was being under attack what would do?
  2. the food in the fresh kill pile is very low what do you do?
  3. most of the cats in your clan are badly injured after the last attack what do you do?
  4. if another clan was being attacked what would you do?
  5. your leader is losing faith in starclan what do you do?
  6. which thunderclan warrior/medicine cat is your favorite?
  7. would you rather be a warrior or a medicine cat or a clan leader?
  8. a cat from another clan asks you to help them get food or get medicine supplies what do you do?
  9. your in the middle of the forest with two other cats with but you broke your leg what do you do?
  10. out of the four cats which one do you think is the most important(not based of power)

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Quiz topic: Which thunderclan warrior cat am I (new series)