Hogwarts Part Seventeen

Happy Thanksgiving (depending on where you live)! And thank you to EVERYONE, @Aria, @5thMarauder, @Calypso1315; I wish I could list everyone! Anyways, I had to get this edition out. XD

So, let's see what the Minister of Magic has to say! An upcoming edition will be Oliver's special, and you'll be back in school- you know that can only mean trouble, right?

Created by: HogwartsLove

  1. *Hey, guys! Happy Thanksgiving, depending on where you live? XD I'd like to thank everyone for their support, as always, and the birthday wishes! Also, sorry about my recent dramaticness. Oh, and PLEASE join @Calypso1315's contest! It's due the 24th! Anyways, super sorry, but this one is boring, kinda uneventful and just... OH a quick shout-out to the super sweet and super talented @5thMarauder and @vulturemonem! :D Anyways, enjoy and feel free to email me or comment! An Oliver special SHOULD be coming up soon!*
  2. "Think of something good in your life," Harry said, watching you. "Like what?" you asked, exasperated but not showing it in your voice. "Um... Something good that's happened... Or, like, someone..." he continued, and trailing off, glancing away, suddenly flustered. "So... Um..." He cleared his throat and stepped back in the snow. "Anything, really." Anything, you repeated in your head. Hogwarts? You concentrated on the school that had been your home for several years. Hogwarts. "Expecto Patronum!" you shouted, flicking your wrist. You bit your lip when nothing happened. "It's okay, no one gets it on their first try," he reassured you. "Just... Someone... Something really perfect that-" "_________? Harry?" Hermione called from the back door. She spotted you both and motioned you inside warily.
  3. "That's a really beautiful gift, Ron," Ginny was saying sarcastically as her brother pulled out a necklace and you both walked into the living room, sitting together on the floor, and leaning against the couch. "It's from Lavender," he muttered, holding it up and studying it in the air and scrunching his face together. Hermione, who hadn't so much as glanced up, made a small "hmph" sound under her breath as she sat leaning against a chair, reading quietly. "He's a werewolf," you heard Lupin say to Harry, who had started talking to him, as he fell back tiredly into the couch. 
  4. "Who?" Ron asked, drawing his eyes away from the bare Christmas tree. Lupin swallowed his drink before clearing his throat. "Greyback," he answered finally. "He works for Voldemort." Everyone in the room seemed to flinch unknowingly at the name with the exception of Harry and you. You propped yourself up against the couch. "Voldemort?" you repeated, to the same results. "Greyback's a-" "Death Eater, yes," Lupin nodded, looking cautiously over at Mrs. Weasley, who was pretending to be occupied listening to the witch singer Celestina Warbeck. Ron pulled his nose up. "Her bloody voice..." he muttered, earning him a glare from Mrs. Weasley, who apparently was a big fan. 
  5. "He"”the werewolf, that is"”wants to turn as many people as possible to-" "All right!" Mrs. Weasley interrupted, clapping her hands together and plastering on a smile. "This tree isn't going to decorate itself!" Hermione stood up, but frowned to herself when Ron got to his feet. "Meanwhile, I could use some help in the kitchen... Lupin," Molly called in an edgy tone, turning the music down and walking to the kitchen with Remus. "Oh good, the worst part of the holidays," Ginny scowled, helping you up. You didn't reply; holidays with her family was generally nice since you couldn't recall experiencing it with your's. Not that you could complain, as Harry was in an even worse position. 
  6. At random you picked up one of the ornaments, straining to hear the whispered conversation in the kitchen between Lupin and Mrs. Weasley. "Remus, the children can't know too much about all of this, it's-" "Molly, they aren't kids. And both of us are aware, fully, that Harry or ________ are going to have to-" You turned around absentmindedly, and jumped as you ran into Harry. "Oh, sorry!" you apologized, laughing. He went strangely red. "It's fine," he said quickly, staring at you. It was silent for awhile; everyone else was still busy. Was he always this much taller? You thought back. Yes, but- And was he- Someone knocked on the door, interrupting whatever thoughts you'd had. 
  7. Ginny went over curiously and opened it, only to see her older brother, Percy, standing before her. "Wh-" "I'm here with Scrimgeour," he stated bluntly, interrupting his sister without so much as noticing her. Mrs. Weasley was momentarily glued to the spot outside the kitchen before rushing over to her son and grabbing him tightly in her arms, on the verge of tears. He almost pushed his way out of her grasp, scowling in a hostile manner. The Minister of Magic strode up from behind him, forcing a laugh and his gaze going immediately to Harry and you. Confused, you and Harry shared a glance as they walked into the house. "Mister Potter, Ms. _________," he said, bowing his head and tipping his hat, grinning as he shook both of your hands vigorously. He looked to Mrs. Weasley, who was desperately attempting to get Percy to talk, as he hadn't associated with his own family because they felt the Ministry wasn't doing the right thing. "Er"”do you mind if I speak with them a moment?" he asked, his grey, bushy eyebrows narrowing. "Not at all!" she answered quickly. 
  8. The older man motioned you both out the door, closing it behind you. The cold air greeted you again. "Come, walk with me, both of you," he insisted, and the three of you aimlessly began walking in the snow around the garden, him limping with a certain loping grace. "I've heard... So much." Again you found yourself looking to Harry. Scrimgeour sighed almost happily, drawing your attention back to him as you trekked over the path you were all making up around the dead garden. "You know, Dumbledore. He speaks fondly of both of you. And these are dark, dark times," he continued. You would prefer he'd get to the point, as it was freezing and you were extremely confused what you of all people had to do with it, but said nothing. "We could use you."
  9. "Who?" you asked, as he was being general between you and Harry. "Both of you," he replied curtly, brushing your comment off as if fearful. "I- I do mean as a symbol, of course. A symbol," he went on, "of hope." Harry laughed and you knew things were going to go quickly downhill. "A symbol? We're doing more help than the Ministry!" he exclaimed. "Potter, some people would say it is your DUTY to be used!" Scrimgeour returned, frustrated. "Some people would say it was your duty to make sure people were actually Death Eater's before you threw them into jail, too," Harry returned. You flinched at this. Jail. Could you go to jail for being a past- wait, what if they found out? Were you still considered a Death Ea-  The Minister huffed, his breath showing in the cold air. "I do believe it's for your own good, Harry. Really, truly." "I can't believe it. You're throwing the wrong people in jail and want to pretend you've got us working for you?" "The wrong people?" Scrimgeour repeated. 
  10. "I daresay you're going to regret not-" Harry shook his head, not willing to let him continue his sentence. Everything was happening quickly, too quickly, and you were still trying to comprehend why you were here, with them, still wondering if you were still considered a- You couldn't finish it. The very idea made you sick, but... "And Ms. ________! Are you not going to say anything?" Scrimgeour demanded. "You just have to be a bloody symbol! You dont have to do ANYTHING!" You didn't know, entirely, what this was all about. But Harry had obviously been completely against it, and it sounded awful. "But that's it, Minsiter," you said. "We WANT to do something." You turned and headed back for the Burrow, knowing you had just shown a horrible amount of disrespect for the man who could have you thrown in jail. 
  11. Harry and you walked into the house first, and the Minister trailed in, fuming, afterwards, forcing a very unpleasant smile and bidding everyone a farewell before grabbing Percy by the arm and storming out the front door. "What was that all about?" Hermione asked, looking to you. "He wanted Harry to work with the Ministry." "And you," Harry added. You didn't say anything. Remus scoffed and sat back down on the couch. "They're just putting on a bloody show," he said. "It's disgusting." "Well," Ginny muttered, "I can't wait to go back to school."

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