Life and Love at Hogwarts 3.3

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Hey guys! So this will be my last edition for a couple weeks! ='( I hope you like it and I'm sorry if this is a bit rushed! The results are lame as well! Sorry, pressed for time, I've got a day to write this and it takes forever to write good results! Also, sorry for the major amount of Harry in this one! I wanted to make a quiz that has my fandom in it this time!

Recap: I met Neville and Oliver. I nearly killed Parkinson. I yelled at Draco. I found out that there is a death eater in my head! Also, Ron is a bit mad at me. Accio quiz!

Created by: Pyra Potter
  1. I walked alone the remainder of the way to Care of Magical Creatures for both Harry and Hermione ran off to catch up with Ron. I didn't mind. I was used to being alone and occasionally it felt nice. I arrived at Hagrid's hut last"”not that I really cared"”and sat on the closest tree stump. I pulled out a note pad and began to sketch what I knew. It was a dementor circling Azkaban, which made me upset as I thought of how many innocent people would be locked there. At this thought I planned to ask the Minister why Veritaserum wasn't used during court sessions. Hagrid exited his house a minute later and I tucked my drawing into my pocket. I stood as Hagrid led the class to the edge of the forest and circled around to a huge pen. I stared in awe at the beast before me. I wasn't quite sure what it was, but it was gorgeous! It had a feathered grey neck and head, a periwinkle blue body, and pale grey wings. "Meet Buckbeak! He's a Hippogriff. The first thing you need to know is that Hippogriffs are very proud creatures. You do not want to insult one, it might be the last thing you ever do," Hagrid introduced the lesson. "You gotta let him make the firs' move. Keep eye contact and bow low. If he bows back ye can touch him. If not.....well let's cross that bridge when we come to it. Who wants to go first?" Hagrid finished. Everyone backed off other than Harry and I. "_{first}_, Harry! Good job. Which of ye wants to go first?" Hagrid praised. I stepped back and let Harry go first. Hagrid nodded and instructed Harry what to do. I zoned out a bit until Harry was telling Hagrid to let go. Hagrid was putting Harry on Buckbeak's back! Harry wrapped his hands around the beast's neck and flew off! I stared in awe with a smile of what I could do in a moment. Harry circled the grounds and touched back down a moment later. "Definitely prefer my broomstick," Harry commented as he hoped off of the creature. "_{first}_, your turn!" Hagrid said proudly. I walked forward and looked at the creatures yellow eyes. I took a low bow and he returned it. Hagrid nodded admiringly and I walked forward with my hand outstretched. "Don't mess up!!" Parkinson jeered. Buckbeak snorted and reared back. "Back off!" Hagrid warned. Too late. Buckbeak kicked me and scratched my arm from my shoulder to my elbow before touching back down. I staggered backwards and fell over as I clenched my arm. The world around me swirled and everything went blurry. "Hagrid, she needs to go to the nurse!" Hermione shouted. "I'll take her," Draco offered, much to Parkinson's disapproval. "No, I'll take her!" Ron argued. "A Gryffindor and a Slytherin? Are you barmy?!" Draco shouted. "Harry," was all I could say before my tongue felt swelled. Harry walked over and helped me up. I took the hand he offered and he pulled me to my feet. I thanked him with a nod and he gave a kind smile. I honestly didn't know why someone had to take me because it was my arm, not leg. However, I assumed it had something to do with shock so I just followed Harry and allowed him to help me up the stairs.
  2. "Thanks, Harry," I said once I could finally talk. "Any time," Harry answered and continued to walk. "I hate Parkinson even more now!" I clenched my fists. "Don't do that," Harry kindly warned me. I looked at my cut and saw more blood. I relaxed my hands and it stopped. "Thanks again," I told him. He nodded while his emerald eyes darted around the room. "What you looking for?" I asked as I followed his eyes. "Nothing," Harry said a bit too quickly. "Harry, you're a bit edgy. You can tell me," I said with a tenderness in my voice as I stopped walking. He took a deep breath and said, "That killer, Sirius Black, he's out to get me." "Oh, Harry. You'll be fine! You've survived worse than this," I consoled him. He nodded and began to lead me once more. "Slow down!" I told him playfully for he was running. He slowed to a walk and fell into pace with me. I smiled and continued to walk to the hospital wing, Harry close behind. We arrived at the hospital wing a few minutes later. Harry led me over to the nearest bed and sat beside it. "Shouldn't you get back to class?" I asked. He shook his head and I raised an inquiring eyebrow. "The lesson was Hippogriffs, I already finished it," he explained as Madame Pomfrey came over to me. "Shouldn't you be with Hagrid? To help him out?" I inquired further as the nurse wrapped my arm in a gauze. "Do you want me to leave?" Harry asked. "No! I just wanted to make sure you wouldn't get into trouble!" I answered hastily. He nodded and we began to talk about this, that, and the other. "What all did you learn at Beauxbatons?" Harry answered. "Why? Thinking of attending?" You joked for it was all-girl school. Harry rolled his eyes with a snort. "We learned a routine, we learned what clothes to wear for what. You know, girly stuff," I answered shortly. "What routine?" Harry asked. "I'd rather not"”" I blushed. "Come on!" Harry prompted. "No!" I persisted. "Yes!" He argued. "Fine!" I shouted in defeat. First I made sure that all other beds were empty and the nurse was somewhere else. The place was, unfortunately, empty. I stood from the white hospital bed and walked to the door. I showed Harry the routine of walking, sighing, smiling, and hair flipping. I was embarrassed beyond belief! I sat back down on the bed just as the door opened.
  3. It was Draco! "I'll see you around, _{first}_," Harry said and left. I told him that I would and Draco took his seat. "Hey, Draco," you greeted. "Why'd you ask Potter to bring you here?" He asked immediately. "What's it to you?" I asked venomously. "I was just asking. You do understand he's a Gryffindor, right?" Draco answered. "Yes, I do! And quite honestly, I don't care! Now, did you come to try to sell me your prejudice nature or to make me feel better?" I snapped at the blond. "Sorry," he said and put his hands up in surrender. "I just wanted to know how you felt is all. I've already owled my father about this incident," he said. "Why?" I whined. Draco's face blushed which clashed horribly with his blond hair. "Why?" I repeated. "You got attacked," he explained simply. "That matters......why?" I asked. Draco leaned over and kissed me as the door flew open. On instinct, without realizing the door was opened, I slapped Draco in the face. He jumped back and my eyes went red. "Stay away from my daughter, Malfoy!" My demonic voice echoed. "What the–?" Draco asked and ran out the door. I now noticed the open door. "What'd you want, Ron?" I sighed lazily. "Just wanted to see how you were doing. I didn't expect to walk in on that!" He said angrily. "You saw that?" I asked sheepishly. "Yeah, I did," the ginger said angrily. "Come sit," I ordered. Ron obliged after I took up my Veela charm a few notches. I rolled my _{color}_ eyes as he sat down. "Why are you mad?!" I asked him. "Your dad's a death eater! What do you expect to do?!" He shouted and stood up. "Understand! Support me! Know that I'm the same as I was yesterday! In other words: be a friend!" I was in tears. "Like you would for me?!" He shouted sarcastically. "Like I HAVE done! On more than one occasion!" I stood up as well. "Name once!" Ron shouted as the door opened. "Vous idiot, excuse pathétique pour un ami que je pourrais nommer un demi- million de fois ! Quand Fred et George ont chuté ballons d'eau sur vous! Qui vous a aidé et a pris un peu sur elle-míªme? Moi! Lorsque les jumeaux vous mettre dans la robe de votre sÅ“ur qui vous a donné vingt galions pour robes de Quidditch ? Moi! Je pourrais citer beaucoup d'autres , mais la seule fois que je ai vraiment besoin de toi í  mes cí´tés vous n'íªtes pas lí  !" I shouted at him in French. (You idiotic, pathetic excuse for a friend I could name half a million times! When Fred and George dropped water balloons on you! Who helped you and took a little on herself? Me! When the twins put you in your sister's dress who gave you twenty galleons for Quidditch robes ? Me! I could name many more , but the only time I really need you by my side you're not there!) "What?!" Ron asked utterly confused. Hermione was at the door. "I'll explain later. For now, Ronald, it might be best if you leave. _{first}_ doesn't need any more stress," she said. Ron left while giving me a glare. I wiped my eyes and laid back down. "Thanks, 'Mione. Any longer and I might've done what I did to Parkinson," I sighed sadly. "Why'd you ask Harry to bring you up here? Do you fancy him?" She asked in a giddy voice. As my best friend she was allowed to poke fun at my love life. "No way! He was the only one who was allowed out of class because he already met Buckbeak," I rolled my eyes. "Sure," she said sarcastically. "I'm serious, 'Mione! I. Do. NOT. Fancy. Harry!" 'As far as you know,' I added in my mind. "_{first}_, you can trust me!" Hermione persisted. "You aren't going to drop this until I say it's true are you?" I sighed. Hermione said she wouldn't. "'Mione, I've only just met him! If I said that I did fancy him I'd be lying! Come off it!" I shoved her playfully. "Alright!" Hermione put her hands up in surrender. "Now that we've dropped my love life, who's in yours?" I asked. "Nobody!" Hermione answered a bit too quickly. "Uh-huh!" I said sarcastically. "Let's just drop this, please!" Hermione whined. "Fine! Only because I'm nicer than you," I joked. Hermione looked offended but laughed. "Do you know when you can come back to class?" Hermione asked me. "No, I'm honestly still a bit dazed. Until I get out could you bring me notes and homework?" I answered. She nodded and left for her next class"”Divination. The door opened again! "_{first}_?" It was Neville! I nodded and tapped the stool next to me. "I heard what happened. Are you okay?" He said as he sat down. "Better," I answered simply as he put an assortment of flowers beside my bed. He nodded and said he'd just needed to check. "Shouldn't you be in class?" You asked. "I can make it up to the North Tower in a few minutes. I just needed to make sure you were alright," he answered. I nodded and said I was. He nodded and left to Divination.
  4. Imma skip a week ahead so I'm out of the hospital wing!
  5. I walked into DADA with my arm in a sling and low expectations. I've heard that the last two DADA teachers were a couple of nutters! I stood near Neville for I was still cross with Ron and Draco. I stood next to Neville as the raggedy Professor introduced the lesson. He seemed friendly! "Today we'll be learning about boggarts! Can anyone tell me what a boggart looks like?" Professor Lupin began. Hermione's hand shot up, much to my shock for I hadn't seen her a moment earlier. Lupin nodded to her. "No one knows. Boggarts are shape shifters. They take the shape of whatever they think will frighten us most. That's what makes"”" Hermione answered. "So terrifying! Yes," Lupin cut her off. "Neville! Why don't you come up here?" Lupin offered. I pushed Neville to the front of the line, much to his disapproval. "Now, Neville, what is your biggest fear?" Lupin clapped Neville on the shoulder. "Preser snay," was what I heard. Lupin ordered him to speak up. "Professor Snape," he stuttered. "He scares all. Well don't you live with your grandma?" Lupin chuckled. Neville admitted that he was also a bit afraid of her. Lupin whispered something and taught the class a charm. "Ridikulus," the class chorused. "This class is ridiculous," Draco whispered. I stomped on his foot gaining a small smile from Lupin. I returned it and Lupin told of the laughter factor. Lupin flicked his wand causing the cupboard at the front of the class to open. Professor Snape came out! Neville cast the spell and made Snape look like an animal obsessed, fashionably blind 57 year old lady! I burst out laughing despite myself. He had a stuffed vulture atop his greasy hair, a pink boa, an amazingly red purse, and a green dress! "Alright, line up!" Professor Lupin instructed as he put music on. I was in line first for I was extremely anxious to see my worst fear. Snape twisted and circled in a whirl of multiple colors and stopped at a misty grey form. It circled the room saying, "Your father, the death eater, will imperius you once more and do horrible things! Just as he did with Parkinson and Malfoy!" Uh-oh! My deepest secret! There's no telling how that could be used against me. The mist stopped in front of me and held out a gnarly hand. "Ridikulus," I said. The boggart became a neon pink with blond pigtails, braces, and its thumb in its mouth. Everyone laughed and I excused myself from the classroom.
  6. I ran out into the grounds and hit a fifth year. "Excusez-moi," I whimpered as I brought myself to my feet. "_{first}_? Shouldn't you be in class?" It was Cedric! I nodded and broke down. Cedric led me to the stone bench a couple feet away. "What's wrong?" He asked me. "My biggest secret has been revealed to half the third years in this school! Most of them are gossip lovers so the entire school will know by tomorrow! There are countless ways in which it could be used against me!" I choked. "Shh sh shh. Everything will be okay," Cedric whispered. "Yeah right!" I said sarcastically. "It's like Merlin said: everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end," he told me. I calmed down and thanked him. He nodded and made sure I was alright. I nodded and he said quickly, "Hogsmead is next weekend. I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go with me?" "A date?" I asked thinking of how I'd only met him. "No, just as friends. Unless you want it to be," he told me. "It's a date! See you later, Ced," I answered and stood up. "Thanks, _{first}_," he said as he ran his fingers through his chestnut hair. I nodded and ran off inside, happily which was new.
  7. I ran smack-dab into Ron and accidentally kissed him once more. I pulled back and apologized. "Whatever. Your death eater father make you say that?" The ginger said angrily. "What happened to: anytime, no problem, it's fine?" I asked. He rolled his blue eyes and turned on his heel. I snapped. I let the tears fall and shouted at the top of my lungs, "My dad's a death eater! Voldemort killed him because he wouldn't do as he wanted! I'm not proud of it, but it's who I am! Go ahead; hate on me, run your mouth, send me to the hospital wing! I don't care anymore!" I dropped to the floor and Ron took off angrily. Neville came a moment later and said what I really needed to hear, "You aren't your father." I hugged him tightly and thanked him over and over. I could tell that he was shocked so I released him. "I just wish others knew that," I sighed and slid back down the wall. Neville nodded and left for lunch after offering to save me a seat. I denied and decided to sit with Cedric.
  8. As soon as I opened the door whispers spread throughout the hall about me, death eaters, and curses. I ignored them and walked toward the Hufflepuff table. I stopped a few paces back because I heard my name. "Dude, _{first}_ is a death eater by family, a Slytherin, and a bit demented!" Someone told Cedric. "She's only a third year!" Said another. "If what Malfoy said was true about what happened when he kissed her what could she do to you?!" Asked another. I turned left and went toward the Slyhterin table and I heard one last thing. Cedric said, "Believe what you will. She's the same person she was yesterday! An outspoken, kind Slytherin with a French ancestry. So what if her family has had a few kinks? Hasn't everyone's?" I smiled and sat down. I was repeatedly pulling my hair because Slytherins had 'finally admitted me to their worthiness group' as they had said. I continued to eat. I ate a ham and cheese sandwich (tofu for vegans) and an apple before Draco came up to me. "Is it true?" He asked. "Is what true?" I asked as I slammed a knife into my apple. "Your boggart," he said sheepishly. "Gonna make me feel more like dragon dung that already?" I said sarcastically. "No, I wanted to say......never mind," he turned on his heel. I grabbed his arm and forced him into the seat next to me. "What?" I asked as I fixed my sling. "I know how it feels. Being pushed around by your father. Also the death eater thing," Draco said. You gave him a weak smile and apologized for the incident in the hospital wing. 'Ive got a beautiful daughter. I also have a shotgun, a backyard, and an alibi' I thought with a smile. I left lunch early and walked toward the Quidditch pitch, tryouts were over and no one had signed up to be a chaser! 'I'd wanted keeper, but beggars can't be choosers' I thought as I summoned my broom. It was a Firebolt that I'd had to spend a years' wages on. I didn't have anyone to buy me things so I worked at Diagon Alley. I worked in any shop that would have me and I have been occasionally seen in Knockturn alley.
  9. Okay, I give up! I can't write anymore! How was this? Sorry for the length! Hope you like it! Comment/rate/polls/quizzes! Later! Accio quiz ending!

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