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Sorry if this sucks I really just ran out of ideas! Well, I guess I'll have to read the comments to find out how bad it is! Thanks! Comment, rate, wattpad, the usuals!

Recap: My biggest secret was revealed and Parkinson made Buckbeak attack me! Draco tried to kiss me an my father scared him. Neville consoled me after Ron pushed me over the edge. Also, I agreed to go out with Cedric! Accio quiz!

Created by: Pyra Potter

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  1. After flying for an hour I decided it was probably time for class again. I touched back down to the ground and shoved my broom in my bag. My bag had an undetectable extension charm on it. To put in perspective for those of weaker minds: if I wished, I could fit Gringotts inside and still have room to spare! I sighed and walked to potions. I made it to the dark, dank dungeons with no incident and a few minutes before Prof. Snape. I sat in the back, just as I had since the class on my third day, and summoned my potion things.
  2. "Big bag? Why don't you keep your big mouth inside of it?" Parkinson sneered. "Parkinson, that is the lamest thing I've ever heard. Also, I could stick you in this bag if I wished. Although, I'd hate to have you closer than necessary," I smiled falsely. Prof. Snape walked in and Parkinson was pretending to strangle me from across the room. I made the letter 'L' with my finger and thumb, calling her a loser, and enchanted my quill to take notes. Class went by without any other incidents and I left without a word.
  3. I went to Transfiguration, quickly. "Afternoon, Professor!" I smiled. Transfiguration was one of my favorite classes, even though I didn't have the best grade! "Afternoon, _{last name}_," she replied formally. "How has your day been?" I asked as I took my front seat. "Quite boring in all honesty. Yours?" She replied. "It's been a train wreck. Although, probably more exciting than teaching the same thing six times over," I answered. "It really is boring. Oh well," she smiled. I shrugged and dug around in my bag for a few moments before finding my Transfiguration things. It was my enchanted quill, my self-checking ink, spare parchment, and my wand-although I always had that out.
  4. After a few minutes of reviewing my notes Hermione came in with the rest of the class. Hermione sat next to me and Ron sat next to Harry, completely ignoring me, and Harry sat at the next table on the far left. You know what, I'll just show you the seating chart! First row: Me, Hermione. Ron, Harry. Neville, Blaise Zabini. Second row: Seamus, Dean. Draco, Parkinson. Agatha Hemingway (G), Charlie Fugate (S). Third row: Tasha Stone (S), Tickyla Stone (G). Dennis Seinfeld (G), Josh Nolan (G). Lavender Brown, and Parvati Patil. Transfiguration was rather easy today and it flew by without incident other than when Parkinson jinxed me so my legs welded to my chair. McGonnagle fixed it and gave Parkinson detention and loss of 50 points.
  5. I thanked her and went to Divination with the Hufflepuffs. It was lame and the teacher seemed like a bug. However, I will tell you what happened. When I first got to the North Tower I didn't have a clue where the classroom was! I was starting to head back downstairs when a fat knight in a painting caught my attention. "Down, Fair maiden! Look up!" He instructed. I chuckled and looked up. There was a silver plaque that said "Prof. Trelawnie: Divination. Find your inner eye." I wondered how in Merlin's name I was to get up there when a wooden ladder dropped!
  6. I climbed the ladder to see the teacher. She wore an Amish dress and seven shawls! All of her shawls were a different color than the next and had beads woven into them so they jingled when she moved. "I am Professor Trelawnie and I welcome you to the noble art of divination!" She began. "I am here to teach you how to unlock your ability to see beyond," she said dramatically as she walked into a desk. "She needs to learn how to see beyond her shoes," I whispered. The Hufflepuff across from me, Hannah Abbot, smiled with a hint of fear. "Don't worry, I'm not like most Slytherins. I don't bite," I smiled.
  7. She smiled kindly and said, "Hannah," as she thrust out her pale hand. "_______," I said and shook her hand. The blond girl smiled, but her blue eyes were on the floundering professor. "Now, I would like for each of you to take the teacup of the person sitting across from you and read their fate!" She instructed. I rolled my eyes and took Hannah's pink teacup. "I see Sun which means happiness and I also see a heart which means eternal life. So you're going to live happily forever after," I said. Hannah chuckled and said, "I see a ring. That means that you are desirable and a bit of a player." "Well thank you, teacup," I joked.
  8. "Come, let me see the cup," Trelawnie said to Hannah. Hannah handed her the blue cup cautiously. "Hmm. Going to stir up some tension aren't we? You're going to be a very powerful girl indeed," Trelawnie smiled. So did I. Trelawnie winked at me and dashed off to make another death prediction. After about twenty minutes the class was over. I sighed with relief and Hannah invited me to sit with them at dinner! I said I would and my new friend and I walked to dinner.
  9. Hey guys!!!! I hope that this was better than the last. I've spent about two weeks working on it and it still doesn't go over twelve questions! Oh well. Bye! Accio results.

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