Heat and other forms of energy quiz

So you have revised for your science test? Maybe you want to discover the area you need to revise next? Reading over notes is a start but you need to try using the knowledge to see if you really understand.

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Created by: MrsRiddoch
  1. What is heat?
  2. In which state of matter does conduction take place?
  3. Through which state of matter does convection take place?
  4. When heat travels by radiation it
  5. A rock at the top of a hill has what type of energy?
  6. When a battery lights a lamp which energy changes are taking place?
  7. Where does all our energy come from?
  8. Energy can't be created or destroyed. Is this
  9. How can we prevent energy loss from our houses?
  10. If I put a coat on a snowman it will

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