Pop Quiz, Energy Facts!

This quiz is about energy. All things energy are on the table. You have to know about energy to do well on this quiz. I am not testing you on moral grounds; I am only testing you on factual grounds.

This quiz will test your energy knowledge. A quiz test of energy. Pop quiz test. This has to be 300 characters. That is the only reason that this is all drivel. The title said it all. Pop quiz on energy facts is pretty self-explanatory in my book. The energy pop quiz book.

Created by: kathlinagold
  1. What is a Watt?
  2. Hot reservoir: 1227 C Cold reservoir: 227 C What's the Carnot efficiency?
  3. P = I^2*?
  4. Complete combustion of a hydrocarbon. What are the products?
  5. Which electricity source has the cheapest capital cost in $/kW?
  6. LMP
  7. Which does not contribute to global warming?
  8. How many states have renewable portfolio standards (not counting DC or the 3 states with voluntary targets)?
  9. Energy:Power::X:Y All of the following are correct except what?
  10. What is the biggest supplier of foreign oil to the US?

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