Charka Energy Test

This quiz is designed to assess chakras 1-8 for power levels available you through them. The higher the score in each center, the healthier that center is. The lower the score for the energy center, the more we need to focus on that center for a better understanding of ourselves.

This quiz was created by Rev. Lindsay Baldassano, a Reiki Master/Teacher and bio-energy enthusiast. You can learn more about here at

Created by: Rev. Lindsay of Dracowolf
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  1. I feel secure in my daily life (I have enough money, energy, safety,or shelter). Which do you agree with?
  2. I am an energetic or vital person. Which do you agree with?
  3. I have a healthy sexual libido. Which do you agree with?
  4. Family and family values respect my basic right to be happy, healthy, and to have an abundant life.
  5. I have an addiction.
  6. I am creative person. How do you agree?
  7. I am overwhelmed by my feelings.
  8. I feel safe to appropriately express my feelings (crying, laughing, singing, talking).
  9. I am aware of what my feelings are in the moment.
  10. I feel like that I should not be experiencing some of my feelings because some feelings are negative.
  11. I am a confident person. How do you agree?
  12. I have trouble making decisions. How do you agree?
  13. I am a good judge of character or situation. How do you agree?
  14. I take care of other's needs before my own. How do you agree?
  15. I have strong gut instincts. How do you agree?
  16. I am my own best friend. How do you agree?
  17. I feel that I deserve forgiveness. How do you agree?
  18. I have healthy relationships with others. How do you agree?
  19. I feel I deserve unconditional love and acceptance. How do you agree?
  20. I feel that the Divine loves me. How do you agree?
  21. I am a responsible person. How do you agree?
  22. I communicate my needs and wants easily. How do you agree?
  23. I know when to say something and when to listen. How do you agree?
  24. I like to express myself, such as writing, singing, teaching, or speaking.
  25. I have a hard time saying "no". How do you agree?
  26. I accept or even like myself. How do you agree?
  27. I am good at making life goals. How do you agree?
  28. I see myself as a whole and healthy person. How do you agree?
  29. I like the visual arts (drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, movies). How do you agree
  30. My life choices as full of possibilities. How do you agree?
  31. I am a spiritual person. How do you agree?
  32. I feel I have a unique purpose in life. How do you agree?
  33. I feel in harmony with the world around me. How do you agree?
  34. I feel a strong sense of belonging to my social niche, workplace, and/or community.
  35. I have some idea of what my life purpose is. How do you agree?
  36. I am always late. How do you agree?
  37. I have suffered from abuse or trauma in the past.
  38. Do you feel you have left-over issues from another life?
  39. Do you have chronic physical or emotional problems?
  40. Can you see the consequences and benefits of your past life choices in your current life?

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