The Girl Who Lived part 18 (revised)

Gosh, writing this much in one inning can get pretty tiring but, I want to prove that if I can do it, anyone can. Especially at this time. Plus, it's the weekend.

So I thought, 'why not?'. Anyway, this is so time consuming. I feel like typing all of this will make my hands fall off by the time I finish writing chapter 20.

Created by: chopinssonata

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  1. The twins sat in the sand digging for worms. They found one and grinned at each other.
  2. "I've got a plan Freddie." I could feel their eyes on me, without even looking back.
  3. "What is it George?" Fred asked. They whispered their plans to each other while I waded in the water, looking for a good fishing spot. The twins crept up behind me.
  4. "I can hear you guys. No matter how hard you try." I said, not turning my back the slightest bit. I turned around to see the twins looking upset and hanging their heads in shame that they couldn"˜t prank a girl. "Now stop your sulking." I walked over to Fred and whispered something in his ear. "You can always prank Ron. I'll help you prank him later if it makes you feel better. Right now, I need to catch some fish." The twins looked a little less upset, but they still sulked as they dug for more worms. I took the few they had and put it onto a fishing hook. I went back to wading in the water and I successfully caught some trout. By the time I had caught enough fish to feed the 8 of us, Mr.Weasley had set up the fire and the sky was pitch black. I lugged the fish back to the campsite and I began to cook the trout in a skillet over the fire. Fred and George sat beside me on either side.
  5. in a skillet over the fire. Fred and George sat beside me on either side. "So, what's your master plan for pranking Ron?"
  6. "Do tell." Said the twins.
  7. "Well, in the middle of the night while everyone is asleep, we sneak into Ron's tent and put this down his shirt." I picked up a worm with my index and thumb.
  8. "Aren't girls supposed to be afraid of insects and other things that aren't the least bit scary?"
  9. "Yeah, what kind of girl are you?"
  10. "A tomboy, that's what kind." I whacked them both in a 360 degree slap with a raw uncooked trout. "You two are going to be the end of me. What's wrong with having a phobia of insects? If you instantly have a phobia of bugs, does it instantly make you a girl?"
  11. "Yes." They said without even the slightest bit of hesitation.
  12. "You do know that Ron has a fear of insects right?"
  13. "Yeah, we've always known that. That's why we made him dress as a girl when he was younger. We thought he just seemed like he fit the part."
  14. "So, your going to do the same thing with me and dress me up like a guy?" I said, handing the cooked trout to Ron, Ginny, Mr.Weasley and Mrs.Weasley. I began to cook the rest of the trout.
  15. "Well, we haven't thought about it because you already look enough like-" The twins started
  16. "Don't you even dare to finish your sentence or so help me, I will hit you with this trout again." I put down the skillet and held up yet another uncooked raw fish. Later when everyone was asleep, I met the twins outside the tents. We found a worm on the ground and we snuck into Ron's tent. He was still sleeping soundly. Fred put a worm down his shirt and we went to bed. In the morning, I was woken by the screaming of Ron and the shaking of his tent. I entered his tent and he was squirming in his sleeping bag. He looked like a worm. The rest of the week was relaxing, even if I did have to spend most of my time wading in the water to catch trout and avoid the twins pranks.

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