What megaman character r u

Are you kind like Megaman? Strong like Zero? Destructive like Bass? Or mysterious like Protoman take this quiz to find out. Hope you like my quiz I look forward to destroying you all.

Thanks for taking my quiz I hope you got the results you wanted and are happy with them. If you like it I will make a better 1. See you until next time.

Created by: zeronightshade
  1. Would you fight for good or evil?
  2. Would you use an sword a normal buster or a rapid fire buster?
  3. Would you wear a cloak?
  4. Would you have an scarf?
  5. Would you hunt down mavericks?
  6. Are you having fun?
  7. Do you like Megaman games tell me your favorite in the comments.
  8. Do you like my quiz?
  9. Will you follow?
  10. Will you comment?

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