Do You Know Your Megaman?

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Allot of People Like Megaman...Are You One of Them? Well Let Me Tell You This...If You Get 100% I'll Text ya Keep in Touch But if You Don't...You Get a WOOPIN'!

So Are You Ready to Compeat With the Champs? Soar Though The Stars With Your Own Game Show? Heh...Beat this and You'll be FAM-OUS like the Overlord of Your Friends psssss!

Created by: Lan
  1. In Megaman NT Warrior, Who is Dr.Hikarai?
  2. In Megaman Battle Network 6 Gregar, Who Was Megaman BEFORE He Was a Net Navi? (Hint: BEFORE HE EVEN BECAME A HERO!)
  3. In Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue, Flashman's Opperatior Would Get a HUGE Bonus and a ______ For KILLING Lan, (Hint: Fill in The Blank Spot)
  4. In Megaman Axess, Who is Lan's Rival and Lan's Copy's Rival?
  5. In Megaman Battle Network 1, What Chip do You Get From Dad at The Begining of The Game?
  6. Welcome to The BONUS QUESTION! Guess The Right Answer and Get a BONUS Point!
  7. What The 2nd Version Of 3 Blue?
  8. (Answer The Wrong Answer to Get a Point!) Who Is Roll?
  9. Time to Rest Your Brain! Pick #1
  10. Megaman Battle Network Games, Whos The Guy Who Give You Bug Frags For Winning a Game?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know my Megaman?