Do you know your Megaman?

Ever heard of Megaman? Most kids have. Well,do you know all about Megaman 1 to 9? Want to test yourself? Or just feeling attracted to Megaman? Here is the right place here if so!

Are you up for the test? If so,Take. Take. Take. If not it's fine but....Strongly Recommended that you take this if you know your Megaman! Wait,where's Wily? Oh,there he is! Mega Buster! *BLAM!*

Created by: Maverick
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  1. What is Shade Man's weakness?
  2. Is Wild Coil chargeable?
  3. Which Megaman has the best gameplay?
  4. What can Tornado Hold do? (Two correct answers)
  5. 'See you in my dreams.' Do dead robots even have DREAMS?
  6. If a Robot Master's weapon is used for the same Robot Master,is the Robot Master totally IMMUNE to them?
  7. Who is Megaman replaced with in the X series?
  8. (Bonus) Who is Zero?
  9. What does Spring Man hate?
  10. What does Air Man hate?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my Megaman?