How well do you know Megaman? Part 2

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Mega Man He's my buddy How much do you know about him? I know a lot, do you? Let's see what you get internet friendos Good luck~ Really, you might need it.

I can't think of anything else. Pleasse just continue and take the quiz. The first paragraph told you all the needed information. Word limits are too much

Created by: zeronightshade

  1. In the beginning of Legends 2 the Flutter is set ablaze. What caused that?
  2. In Mega Man X 8 on ps2, it is possible to fight Cutman in the Troia Base stage. How is this done?
  3. If X has the Z-Saber in X 3 it is possible to kill almost all bosses in one hit. Which boss can't be killed in one hit?
  4. In Mega Man ZX Advent it was possible to get medals by achieving certain conditions during boss battles. What do you get after getting all the medals?
  5. How were Mega Man Zero's Four Guardians created?
  6. What movie do Geo and his friends go to see in Star Force 2?
  7. Mega Man Volnutt made his first fighting game appearance as:
  8. What factors set Forte/ Bass.exe apart from other Net Navis?
  9. True or False Mega Man can think for himself
  10. True or False Mega Man X and Zero are Reploids?
  11. Which Mega Man characters make appearances in Project X Zone?
  12. The music for Wily stage 2 has been covered by many musicians. Which of the below musicians have not done covers?
  13. The Japanese commercials for Mega Man Legends (Rockman Dash in Japan) advertised it as what genre?
  14. What is the major difference between the North American ending of Mega Man 7 and the Japanese ending?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Megaman? Part 2