Megaman nt Warrior test. (Game and Anime)

There are several megaman fans, but only some of them can actually call themselves TRUE megaman fans. Take this quiz and see if YOU are a true megaman fan!

Are YOU a true megaman fan?!? Take this test and find out!! Most people claim to be a Megaman fan, but only few people can pass this test. Are YOU one of those people!?!

Created by: Darkloid X

  1. Who was the first enemy of megaman in Megaman Battle Network1 the game?
  2. In Megaman NT Warrior anime series, what was the name of the evil orginization ran by Lord Wiley?
  3. What was Megamans name before becoming Megaman?
  4. What is the most powerdul navi known to all on the net?
  5. Who is Bass in the Megaman NT Warrior anime series?
  6. Choose one. If you choose correctly, then you get a point! (Hint: its the opposite of who you think it is)
  7. How much HP does the cyber sword program advance take?
  8. What is the most powerful chip combo?
  9. What is Protomans ultimate sword?
  10. What is Pharomans other half that Gospel made?

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