Which Megaman Character Are You?

Get Some Questions And Megaman, Roll, Or Cut Man Would be You! Including A Secret Character...But Anyhoo....LETS START THIS TRAIN OF AMAZEMENT! RIGHT NOW

Heres The Steven Universe theme.We are the Crystal GemsWe’ll always save the day!And if you think we can’tWe’ll always find a way!That’s why the people of this world believe inGarnet, Amethyst, and Pearl and Steven!

Created by: Please Dont MAke ME
  1. Why Do you Like Megaman!
  2. What Do You Do?
  3. What do you do while Dr. Wily Isnt Planning On Something Evil?
  4. What Pet Do You Have
  5. Whats The Saddest Moment You Have Experienced
  6. Final Question! Were You In SMASH?
  7. JK, We Are Still On This!
  8. What Is Your Favorite Thing To Do?
  9. What Kingdom Hearts Game Do You Like?
  10. Final Question! What Do You Think Of This Quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Megaman Character am I?