yugioh card quiz

yugioh is a card game for kids of all ages. it requires strategy, luck, and the willpower to crush your opponents! >:D mwahahahah!!! anyhow, this quiz will test your knowledge on the TCG.

many people play yugioh. it is a manga, a tv show, a video game, a movie, and a card game. this is a basic quiz seeing if you know some simple basics about the rules and game history. and remember: NO CHEATING.

Created by: absol heart

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  1. you activate a trap card, but your opponent plays a spell card from his hand to negate it. it is your turn. why can your opponent not activate his spell card?
  2. you draw a kuriboh. what does kuriboh do?
  3. what happens when all 5 pieces of exodia are in your hand?
  4. who is the creator of dungeon dice monsters game?
  5. in season zero, the graphic novle/manga, yuugi finishes the millenium puzzle and transforms into the pharaoh. later on, the pharaoh challenges the schools toughest hall monitor to a game. the game includes money. how much did the pharaoh bet?
  6. in season one, kaiba and yugi duel. what monster defeats kaiba?
  7. in yugioh gx, jaden yuki is late to duel acadamy exams. on his way there, who does he run in to?
  8. what card was jaden yukis first fusion summon in the series?
  9. in the yugioh abridged series by little kuriboh, there s a bonds beyond time abridged move he made. who was paradox, the villan, based on?
  10. in zexal, yuma is the annoying overactive hyper stpid protagonist. what is his first number card?
  11. what is joey wheelers name in the manga series?
  12. last question: what was yugioh a spinoff of?

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