Yu-Gi-Oh Quiz:part 1

Yu-Gi-Oh....the manga,the game,the show,the card game.....the thing that people think is lame(stay out!)those that welcome this yugioh quiz,join forth,and see what lies inside!

For within this quiz....you will find question(though some random.)that will determine who you are!are you ready to find out who you are,are you ready to duel,do you have trading cards with you,if so,can i see them?these will be answered....NOW!

Created by: Bret Ginn

  1. If you had a chance to buy a company,would you do it
  2. You have lost someone,would you save them
  3. Do you wish to be widely known and be the great one?
  4. One of your freinds lost a crucial battle and must be executed(eliminated)what will you do?(HURRY,YOU HAVE 30 sec!)
  5. You have be chosen to compete in a tournament to save your family,freinds,whatever!what will you do?
  6. This is completely random,but,which power would you like to have(completely random,again)
  7. Ok,im runnin out of ideas here...hmmm...lemme see...ahah!Do you believe in the heart of the cards,like yugi does?
  8. Uhhhh....Uhhhhhh...........ok....do you have a crush on anzu or mai?
  9. Ok,in a duelist battle between the top duelists,who do you think would win?
  10. ok,maybe last question,hopefully,do you support Yugis side, or Bakuras side, or Pegasus' side?

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