yu gi oh which character are you

Pegasus confronted the intruders and, using his Millennium Eye, transported them to another chamber, where some occult activity took place. As Pegasus attempted to use his Millennium Eye on them, Yami Bakura countered with the Millennium Ring. Yami Bakura then transported Tristan, Téa and Bakura back to their rooms, causing them to forget the events of this night.[10]

When Yugi Dueled Pegasus, Tristan took time to search Pegasus castle to find Mokuba's body. He hides inside a suit of armor, while sneaking around the dungeons. He accidentally opened a secret passageway after tripping and grabbing a gargoyle to prevent himself falling over completely. Tristan takes out the man guarding Mokuba's cell, by shoving a helmet from another suit of armor on his head. He takes the guard's key and unlocks Mokuba's cell, which sets off a security alarm. Tristan removed the armor and carried Mokuba on his back.[11]

Created by: andrew

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how would you best describe yourself
  2. what age do you act
  3. how well is your aim
  4. do you play yugioh
  5. what type of yugioh do you like
  6. what attribute do you preffer
  7. what is your hair colour
  8. which of these are the strongest
  9. who is your favourite charactor
  10. what do you think you will be

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