Ryou Bakura fangirl 11

There are many Yu-Gi-Oh fans, and even more Yu-Gi-Oh character fans. Though this quiz is about Ryou Bakura, it is not a fan quiz, just a 'how well do you know this charecter quiz'.

How well do YOU know Ryou Bakura? He is one of the most favorited Yu-Gi-Oh characters of all time and despite what most people think, not a wimp. How many people do you find who are so faithful to there friends they would lay down there lives for them. Enjoy this quiz, and hopefully you'll learn more about my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh character.

Created by: June72

  1. What millennium item does Ryou possess?
  2. Ryou's father is a-
  3. Why wasn't Ryou allowed to enter Yugi's soul in the first vol. of the Millennium series?
  4. What is Ryou's favorite Duel Monsters card?
  5. Where do we first meet Bakura?
  6. What is Ryou's personality?
  7. What color are Ryou's eyes?
  8. What is Ryou's sisters name?
  9. Why did Ryou keep switching schools?
  10. What color are the stripes on Ryou's shirt when we first see him in the manga's?

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