Are You a True Fang Fangirl?

Many people have read Maximum Ride, and many people love its character Fang. Some are even obsessed with him. The proper term for those young ladies is "Fang Fangirl." But I have to admit that most of the reason I'm doing this quiz is because I saw the Lightning Thief yesterday, and am now totally obsessed. I needed to think about some thing else for a while so I don't scare off all my friends...

Are you obsessed with Fang? Do you think you might love him even more than Max does? What the heck would ever posses anyone to think that shrimp and cheese grits are even mildly appealing in any way? If you answered yes to the first two questions, you might be a Fang fangirl. Take this quiz to find out for sure. As for the second question, I really don't think there is an answer.

Created by: fangsgirl4ever
  1. So, let's start out with an easy one, shall we? How would you describe Fang's hair?
  2. Fang likes redheads.
  3. I'm feeling a bit random today, so... If Fang and you're boyfriend (or your biggest crush-who-is-an-actual-person) were dangling over a cliff, about to die, and you could only save one of them, who would you choose?
  4. What kind of music does Fang like? (I got this off his blog. If it says something different in the books I apologize.)
  5. What do you think of this Dylan guy? (BTW, the first 13 chapters of Fang are on kindle for free as a preview. Every time I read them, around chapter 11 I feel the need to scream.) (In agony.) (I also tend to cry when Angel makes her little "prophesy") (I know, I need a life.)
  6. You thought you had escaped from this dreaded question because I didn't put it in at the beginning, but you were wrong! (Insert evil laugh here.) What is your favorite color? (Whenever I hear that question, I always think of that scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail when they're going over that one bridge...)
  7. Woohoo! Question número nueve! (I warned you about the randomness.) If someone came to your door, and proved to you without out a doubt that he was Fang, what would you do? (Strangely enough I had a dream like that a couple nights ago...)
  8. If they make a movie out of Maximum Ride, (which I'm fairly certain they're gonna do), how much do you care about who plays Fang? (I vote Logan Lerman. That guy is HOT!)
  9. Is Fang emo?
  10. When you're in a public place, do you point out the guys who you think look like Fang to your friends? (Actually, this is something my friends and I really do!)
  11. Have you started using the word "Fang" as a slang term for cool?
  12. Last question(s) (BTW, this has no effect.) Have you seen Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief yet, and, if so, did you like it?

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