which maximumride character r u

are you a fan of the manga or seiries Maximum ride? if so this is for you! although i couldnt think of one for gazzy, i still have for all of the others.

whether you are Max Fang Iggy Angel Nudge or none of the characters, this quiz is fun to take. just be truthful and you will be fine with which u get. GOOD LUCK

Created by: mike
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. are you asked out a lot?
  2. if you were assinged with saving the earth, what would you do
  3. at the mall you pass 3 stores all with 50% off or more. 1st is a dynamite/ gun shop 2nd is the 'big pink and pretty' boutique, and last is the make-out zone 70% off admissions
  4. what happens when you kiss a boy(for girls)/girl(for boys)
  5. are you a tom-boy or girly girl?
  6. are you gay
  7. do what fits ur future
  8. are you married
  9. do u have thoughts of suicide
  10. do u wish u had wings, too?

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