Chaser Fan Quiz

The Chaser's popularity has exploded this year thanks to events like APEC and now the internet is swarming with fake fangirl bandwagoners, but there is still a small group of dedicated fans who like to think they know everything about the Chaser.

Are you one of these people? Can you answer any question asked of you without thinking? Can you recite an accurate timeline of their lives since 1999? If you think you are a Chaser fan, do this quiz to find out how much you really know.

Created by: Gabby

  1. How old are the Chaser team as of this year?
  2. What are Jules' and Chas' wives' names?
  3. What kind of dogs does Chas like?
  4. Tim Freedman claimed Chris wrote the Newtown song because he dated one of Chris' past flames. Who was she?
  5. What are Chas, Jules, Chris, Andrew and Craig's middle names?
  6. How many times was Chas spewed on during the filming of United 93?
  7. Andrew admitted to being the president of which fan club during the humiliation sketch?
  8. How many kids does Craig have, and what gender are they?
  9. What Led Zep song did Andrew start playing in the Wolfmother sketch?
  10. What is Chas' father's name?
  11. Where was Andrew hitchiking near to in his song at the end of "Brokeback Mountain: Christian Edition"?
  12. How many points did ACA have on the tally board for general excellence during the Chaser Goes Commercial sketch?
  13. At what age did Chas get his first girlfriend?
  14. Who did Jules point to when he asked for a "double unresolved sexual tension between us" during the Wendy's Ad Road Test?
  15. How many initial phone calls did the ABC receive about the Eulogy Song?
  16. Which TT reporter was repeatedly insulted during the Asian Sketch?
  17. Who wrote 'I am Thesaurus?"
  18. Who's size did they have to scale down during the Crazy Warehouse Guyt vs. Surprise Spruiker sketch because they were out of proportion?
  19. Whose pants did Craig have his hand down during Are You Being Shagged?
  20. What was Clive's wife lactating instead of milk?

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