Trivia - 'The Chaser'

There are only few people in society these days who can truly understand and accept the cultural and social context of the brilliant work that The Chaser team have endlessly been producing for the last 8 years or so.

Do you think you qualify as one of these people? Do you consider yourself a *diehard fan* of The Chaser? Do you want to prove to society that you dont just watch the show for Andrews hair?

Created by: Lexii
  1. What was the first Chaser project?
  2. On the 'CNNNN' DVD, how many episodes were there?
  3. Which Chaser "can't mime"?
  4. Complete the quote from Series 1 of WOE: "Australia's s*hit hot, so get your _____ arse, the f*uck down here"
  5. How many times has 'the most expert expert' Damien Tudehope appeared on Current Affairs stories?
  6. How long has Chris been playing Air Bassoon for?
  7. What is the name of Craig's character in "Are you being shagged"?
  8. Which year was 'The Election Chaser'?
  9. In the second season of WOE, who was the acclaimed director of "CATS The Movie"?
  10. What is the first Current Affairs lesson on WOE?
  11. What does the Gary Cheersquad hope to stop Kevin Rudd from doing?
  12. What is the name of the financial company that Julian is in the ad for?
  13. Season One of WOE- Which two models were in the Famous Face Off?
  14. Which politician does Charles Firth wish to become an intern for?
  15. Which Australian actress does Chas hassle to see if she -like Coles- is "really listening"?

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