Which strategy game are you?

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There are many strategy games out there, some with more strategy then others, the answers to this quiz are my top 4 favourites. Take this quiz, this very quiz, to find out which one you are most like!

Please answer the questions truthfully for best results, or are answer with complete opposite to find out which you are least like. Please share this quiz when you are done. Also I apologize in advance for the misspelling in one of the answers, leave a comment if you manage to find it.

Created by: The Geek
  1. What type of decision do you generally make?
  2. Would you break alliances to gain power?
  3. Somethings missing, do you first find what isn't or what is?
  4. Are you defensive or offensive?
  5. Do you plan according to your opponent or always the same way?
  6. High risk or low risk strategy?
  7. Which strategy game do you play most?
  8. Concentrated attack or spread out attack?
  9. Do you have good luck?
  10. Thanks for taking this quiz, please rate and comment!

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Quiz topic: Which strategy game am I?