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Alright hello people! I am assuming you have an account on or know some one who does, sense you are hear. Hear is some background information for those of you who don't. Howrse is a horse breeding sim created in 2007. It is *not* pay to play and generates it's revenue by selling "passes" that allow you to buy items for your horse/horses. These items allow you to design certain aspects of it or designate/enhance things like it's health and abilities or the abilities of its young. It is very easy to play with out these, though it helps to be abel to buy them. It is fun, interactive and uses strategy. Don't have a account? Get one! It is extremely fun, has a great community, and is a family game. It's also more of a strategy game than a child's pony game.

How well do you know Are you a avid member, a novice, a newbie, or a stranger to the term fun? Find out shortly with this quick quiz.

Created by: Spirit RavenWolf
  1. Who is the top player of the general ranking?
  2. Who out of these players is a admin?
  3. What/who is a HoP
  4. What dose a pass cost?
  5. What is GP (Hint: It's the one that effects how much a horse is worth)
  6. What company owns Howrse
  7. What horse is *not* a breed on
  8. What is a RPG (On howrse) and is it allowed?
  9. What is the minimum you can sell a horse for
  10. What is the currency of howrse besides passes
  11. Last question! True or False: The costumer service department AKA Contact us, is know for being very unhelpful

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