jurassic park can you survive!

you are welcomed to jurassic park and went to the vistor center you decied to go on the tour with every one else so one thing you better survive them.

but a few tips if you do this quiz you must watch the movie to know each creture and survive each one but the one you dont know watch the 3rd movie and 2nd good luck!

Created by: michael

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  1. you just got to jurassic park and your on the tour the power goes out what you do!
  2. the t-rex breaks out you are on the run now the layer is dead so hope you survive.
  3. The power is back on but you hear a deafing screech its a Velcoraptor!
  4. The lab window Can't hold it back forever!
  5. Good job you made it this far but i don't think you'll make it any farther!
  6. you out smarted me you are now in a jeep going past the diloposarus pen it said put up window!
  7. wow your smart but sometimes things could turn on you! Now you are surrond by herbivore's they are gallimimus run!
  8. there is the helicopter. Oh $#@* Tryranosarus Rex.
  9. luckly you escaped that t-rex but you now in front of a Spinosarus Agypts!
  10. there is the helicopter velcoraptor!

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Quiz topic: Jurassic park can I survive!