How well do you know linkin park?

See how much you know about Linkin Park if your just taking this quiz because your bored linkin park is a american rap-rock band that combines rap with rock.... So good luck people....

Take this quiz and find out how much of a fan you are or even deserve to be a fan so take the quiz rate and comment!!!! Please? Come on rate good.... Bye.... Linkin Park is awsome!!!!

Created by: (Tim)

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  1. Which album came first?
  2. What is the lead singers name?
  3. Whats the rappers name?
  4. What year was the band officaily started?
  5. What is the rappers ethic catagory
  6. The rappers seperate group name is
  7. What is the singers seprete band?
  8. What is the singers seprete band?
  9. What is the name of linkin parks remix cd?
  10. What is the 13th song on the cd metora?
  11. Which two songs are in both transformers
  12. Who did a album with linkin park?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know linkin park?