What type of music are you? 2!!! (improved)

Hello again!!! Its what type of music are you? Here again but this time improved!!! I treid to keep my personal feelings out of this but i still put a eminem outcome but sorry! But ems unqiue so i had to but no linkin park... *sob* ... So enjoy the quiz and dont be afraid to post comments!!!

Also this time around i put in contry and theres more detailed out comes!!! Also i would love to check commets but after there not on the new list on the top 100s i cant find the quizs... Ive checked all the catagories but i still cant find it! And the search thing doesnt work for me! Note: im not a member so please tell me how to find them in the comments

Created by: Tim
  1. Do you cuss?
  2. How long can you go without breathing?
  3. Can you sing?
  4. Which do you like better?
  5. Are you retarded enough to think that i can put all the songs me and you like on this quiz?
  7. Which lyrics do you like most?
  8. There they go back in staidum slim shady spits his flow nuts they go...
  9. What channel do you watch most?
  10. Is eminem awsome?
  11. Which do you like best
  12. If you could choose one thing you could change what would it be?
  13. what is your favorite color?
  14. What represents you?

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Quiz topic: What type of music am I? 2!!! (improved)