Which Disney show would you star in?(new and improved)

There are many different TV shows. Have you ever wanted to star on one, though? I know I have, so I created this quiz to see. You may have seen a quiz on this website called the same thing without the (new and improved) which I made, too. But this one is better, it's New and Improved! So don't take the other one, take this one for better results, questions, and answers!

What exactly is this quiz? I'll tell you! It tells you in a flash which Disney TV show you'd star in!!! That's quite exceptional, wouldn't you say? Take this amazing quiz and find out. You may be curious to see and I'm sure you are. Don't sit and wait: take the quiz!

Created by: Madilyn
  1. Oh no! Your friend is getting bullied! Do you...?
  2. What's your dream job?
  3. What's your favorite color(s)?
  4. What would you collect?
  5. Who's your favorite singer?
  6. You are at the mall. What do you buy?
  7. Your art teacher tells you to sculpt anything you want out of clay. What do you make?
  8. Your birthday is coming up! What do you do for the party?
  9. What's your favorite show on Nickelodeon?
  10. Last one: Quick! Pick a face!

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