Furry Quiz 2 !!!IMPROVED!!!

The new and IMPROVED furry quiz, take this and get more detailed answers. Do people actually read this crap? If so than why are you taking the quiz go read a book if you wanna read!

Ok take this quiz to find your true furry nature, human or not, who knows, me thats who. Now scrool down and answer the first question please. Than click on the result button (theyre making me have 150 letters in this thing, Im not a typing machine you know!!)

Created by: EmoSolider of vclart
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  1. Do you belon to any furry fan sites?
  2. Do your cloths have claw, rips or any other appendages that dont belong on them?
  3. Do you play with animals, i.e dogs, cats or any other four legged animal?
  4. Do you have a tail?
  5. Where do you eat/drink from?
  6. How many fingers (or paw thinges) do you have?
  7. Do your pants have a hole in the ass part?
  8. Do you know Nogohoho, DF or Ch'marr?
  9. Are you familiar with antromorphism?
  10. Did you or do you plan on taking my other quiz?

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