How Furry are you?

So you think you're a furry? You know the difference in a collar and a leash, or the way a balaclava and mesh fursuit head are made, right? Take this quiz to find out!

Are you a furry? Do you know someone who is? Think you can name all the fursuiters or artists out there? Find out what it takes in just a few minutes with this quiz!

Created by: Brown Leopard
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  1. How many cons are there?
  2. How many IRC networks are there for Furry specifically?
  3. How many art sites are out there for furry art?
  4. What is the largest convention in the United States?
  5. How many artists can you name just by looking at the work?
  6. How many fursuiters do you know, and can pick out in a picture?
  7. Have you ever been to a convention?
  8. If yes to the last question, how many?
  9. Do you own any plushies?
  10. How many do you own?
  11. Do you know what "Yiff" means?
  12. What does it mean??

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Quiz topic: How Furry am I?