What Disney Star Are You? [girls]

You don't want to change yourself just cause' your not the celebrity you want to be like. Just be yourself! So don't let any quiz make you stop from livin' your life... DUHH !

What Disney star ARE YOU ? Take this quiz and you'll know who you really are in the inside, and it will make you feel good about yourself, and you'll have nothing to hide. If your sweet, your sweet. If your loud, your loud. ITS WHO YOU ARE .

Created by: .::!ChRiSTy!::.
  1. You wear
  2. You like
  3. Hair color ! Be honest!
  4. My favorite Disney Song:
  5. I like
  6. My favorite Disney Star.
  7. My camera pose
  8. I Consider myself conceited.
  9. My favorite aim thing is.
  10. I wear

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Quiz topic: What Disney Star am I? [girls]