what type of music are u?

have you ever wondered what kind of music you'd be? if so come take my quiz today (or die trying.) don't worry, we bite, but you don't feel it. SO TRY MY QUIZ it's delicious

i hate having to do a second paragraph, so here are some rando words do nothing abot it just just walk up to () yay music how how would you back then go for me not to hear

Created by: name
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what are you usually doing at a party?
  2. your mp3 is on in class, how do you get caught?
  3. what do your friends listen to (this has no affect, a few of mine listen to disney channel music)
  4. what is your favorite
  5. which kibds of colors do you like more?
  6. which element is your favorite?
  7. how would you handle a crush
  8. are you the one with connections?
  9. does your firs name begin wthe the following
  10. !

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