What quiz should you make?

Hey here we go again making and taking another quiz so take this one and RATE IT GOOD!!! I want to see this quiz on the top 40 quizs so rate and take this quiz!!!

So take this quiz to find out what quiz you should make... Remember to take my three other quizs what type of music are you? And what type of music are you for girls? And what part of slim shady are who? Coming soon (if you be nice) what type of music are you? 2!!!

Created by: Tim
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Wich are you most excied about?
  2. If a guy came and sat down beside you?
  3. When you criticise quizes what do you post
  4. When your not on go to quiz what do you do
  5. Do you like music?
  6. Pudding
  7. What level are you in popularity? (be truthful or ill poop on you)
  8. Wich quiz would you take
  9. POLICE!
  10. If a cop brought you to the police staion and ask you what were you thinking? What would you say?
  11. Last question!

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Quiz topic: What quiz should I make?