How well do you know old vidya james?

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I wanna test your knowledge of old video games. How much do you know? Do you know random stuff? Or unloke me do you have a life? Have you played any of these games?

This quiz will test your knowledge of a few games. I will soon make a second quiz with more questions. I had fun with this. Good luck! Hope you have as much fun taking it as I did making it.

Created by: zeronightshade

  1. In Final Fantasy VI, it is possible to leave an item on the table in the Returner's hideout. Banon does not like this, he has a minor freakout and questions why no one threw it away. What is the item?
  2. In Golden Sun 2, there is a hidden secret weapon which legends speak of. It is obtained through a rigorous trading quest. It holds the strongest unleash in the game. Few have obtained it. It shines brightly and flows freely in the wind. What is this blade's name?
  3. The second build of a 3d Zelda game was done for the N64's Disc Drive. It was perhaps too ambitious for it's time. The game was said to be expansive. Link's footprints would linger in the sand, rocks and bushes you destroyed would be gone forever. Why was this build cancelled?
  4. In Mega Man Battle Network 2 Lan visits a foreign country after a showdown with a rap master, a poisonous brown eyed wooly spider, and one last opponent. Who is that foe?
  5. In Majora's Mask many assets from Ocarina of Time were reused, including many items. Which item is not reused?
  6. What is the password to the safe in the N64 version Resident Evil 2?
  7. In Devil May Cry's hard mode the enemies in mission 7 are replaced by 2 deadly enemies. What are those enemies?
  8. What is the Secret of Evermore?
  9. What was Darth Maul's oddest appearance in gaming?
  10. Roy first appeared in which game?
  11. What is the strongest beginning weapon in SotN?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know old vidya james?