Your Knowledge of Nintendo Games.

Test your knowledge of Nintendo's history. Do you have what it takes to be named a Gaming Genius? Or will you crash and burn and be named as a NOOB!! Of course, there is an "inbetween."

Maybe you played through a game so quickly, you didn't notice the smaller details. Or maybe you took your time to learn every secret. Guidebooks won't help you in this quiz, so be prepared!!

Created by: Anthony
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  1. Can you explain to me, The Book of Dark Prognostics?
  2. Mario made his first appearance in which game?
  3. Link holds the triforce of...
  4. Samus, from the Metroid series...
  5. Vaati is Ganondorf. Duh!!!
  6. Final Fantasy was originally made for which system?
  7. Ai no uta?
  8. Could Meta Knight really be Kirby in disguise?
  9. When does Vulpix evolve?
  10. Rainbow Road...
  11. SSBB has __ playable characters.
  12. Wave the Swallow.
  13. What is the name of one animal featured in Animal Crossing for the GCN.
  14. In Mario Superstar Baseball, who is the last character you unlock?
  15. Does Snake belong in SSBB?
  16. Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg.
  17. Does Doki Doki Panic mean anything to you?
  18. Giratina will be featured in which upcoming video game?
  19. So, be honest. how do you think you scored?
  20. One more request. List the characters hidden in Hyrule Castle in TLOZ OOT.

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Quiz topic: My Knowledge of Nintendo Games.