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This quiz requires alot of South Park knowledge, as some of the questions are quite advanced. Onlu true South Park fans should attempt this quiz as even they will find it quite challenging!!

Are you crazy about South Park? Have you watched all of the episodes? Do you think you could name every single character, using their full name. If yes to all of these, take this quiz and we will see if you should be as confident as you are....

Created by: iketweek
  1. Ike Broflovski is a well known South Park character, but do you know his birthday?
  2. Craig Tucker stars in back-to-back episodes. Which episodes are they?
  3. The Broflovski's and The Marsh's are best friends. However in one episode, Gerald Broflovski and Randy Marsh, try to avoid each other and regret doing something. Which episode is this?
  4. In which episode does Cartman receive $1,000,000 from his grandmothers' will?
  5. In elementary school musical, who stars in the show?
  6. Who gets rated cutest boy in the class in 'The List'?
  7. In the Episode 'The Terrance And Phillip Movie Trailer' who gets a how many t.v sets do they fail to watch it on?
  8. Rob Schneider is a Wall Street Executive, but which one of these has he not been.
  9. Who does Scuzzlebut have as a leg?
  10. What happens to Mrs.Crabtree in 'Flashbacks'?

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