Random pointless quiz

This is a random pointless quiz but here is the thing.... It is not. Really. I just put that as my title because I want it hidden. Don't believe me? Well the only part of this quiz that is pointless is this part. XD

This quiz isn't pointless but it is indeed random. I'm just killing that boring feel I always get. Don't we all just love those random people?Moop. Moop. Moop. Moop and continue on. Moop! =P

Created by: ICE_CUBE97
  1. This quiz isn't really pointless but it's some random things.
  2. Boop~
  3. Okie, I'm bored but I'll love to name some users that made me feel welcome here.
  4. Teresa!
  5. And no it's not in order~
  6. tenten16!
  7. sydthekid200/ TrollieStop
  10. DCgirl!
  11. DaughterOfApollo
  13. Ashl3y!
  14. SockMonkey! Oh wait.. That's me. .___.
  15. sweet!
  16. zilla! Even though you are crazy and childish at times.
  17. R@NDOM
  18. Last but not least, The Evil Angel/ evil angel. We might not be friends anymore and you probably won't read this but I had fun at times.
  19. I feel like I am missing some people but my mind went blank. I apologize if I did.

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