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Okay basically this ain't a quiz :) its a story i wrote for fun. And since I wanted to make a quiz right now and had no surges of inspiration, I thought I'd just do this. I hope you like it but if you don't... well, that's what those stars are for. Oh. And pardon my punctuation. Its not my best

Blech... another one. Well, keep in mind that this is just a quiz. The story isnt true so don't go on thinking some guy named Grisham is going to come looking for the secrets cause he's not... he's just a figment of my vivid imagination :)

Created by: Jack Attack 1995
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  1. Once upon a time, a long long time ago, there lived a man. He lived just beyond the borders of Yorkshire and Seneca in a small cottage by the sea. This man was an old man. A frail and sick little old man who had only but a few more breaths to look forward to before he would pass on.
  2. If you glanced back in time, you might notice that the walls of his cottage are bare. There are no pictures or photographs. For this man is a lonely man. He does not have a family. But if you were a curious sort (like me) you might ask what happened to them. If you did he would only wink at you and reply: “They have gone.”
  3. “Gone where?” might you ask him. “Gone somewhere else. I do not know where.” “Do you miss them?” that would be my question. “Yes…but I know that they are happy.” “If they are gone and you do not know where then how do you know they are happy?”
  4. “There are certain things that old men know. Like the way I know that these candles I have lit will not stay lit for long,” the old man waved a hand at the tall white candles. “Or the ways I know that the tide will sweep me away this very night and my secrets will be taken to the depths of the sea.”
  5. “Do you have many secrets?” I quickly asked the old man and sat down on a thick wooden chair. The fireplace glowed warmly next to where we both now sat. It was a cold night, that night I met the old man. A damp and miserable night with wind howling at each of the small cottage’s windows. The cottage had only one room. It was a kitchen, a living and dining room; it was a bedroom and a study. The cottage’s blank white washed walls held no warmth and its old roof sagged depressingly.
  6. It did not used to be like this. It used to be a place of love and laughter. A place where people wanted to be. It used to be a three storied castle of grandeur. And that castle used to be filled with merry men and laughing ladies. But, like the rest of the old man’s family, it too had gone somewhere else.
  7. In response to my question, he croaked. “Of course.” “Will you tell me about them?” The old man chuckled at me warily. “What is there to tell? They are secrets not stories.” I laughed with him but it was not genuine. “Although, does not every secret have its own story and every story a secret?”
  8. The old man stared into the hearth thoughtfully. Slowly, he turned to stare at me with his colorless eyes. “Yes, I suppose you are correct,” he paused. “You are a bright young man, Mr. Grisham.” At that moment, I remember a gust of wind propelling itself from behind my back and extinguishing the last of the little old man’s candles. Now, the fireplace was the only light left in the room.
  9. I ignored the coincidence and instead bowed my head in acknowledgment of his compliment. “And yet, you do not wish to tell anyone of your secrets.” “That is a false statement. I do wish to tell someone but something prohibits me from doing so.” “And what would that be?” “You are not the man I wished to see, Master Grisham. When I sent my letter I asked for William and what I got was you.”
  10. I gritted my teeth to the point where one of them chipped. If you looked at me today you can still see the mark. “I may not be the exact Grisham you requested for but I am one. You mistakenly wanted my brother: he is dead. So I have come in his place.”
  11. “Oh, you poor boy. You poor poor boy,” the man shook his head at me. “You came here because you thought of benefiting only yourself. You do not care whether I die today, tomorrow or even in the next minute. All you care about is your power and how to obtain more of it!” The fire flickered and we were plunged into darkness. I could not see my own hands, let alone the figure of the little old man. Swallowing fear, I made ready for a remark… but his croaking voice stopped me.
  12. “I will not tell you my secrets because you are not the one who is destined to know them. The child who shall know all my secrets is the same one who reads this now. They know neither the dangers to come nor the gravity of this situation. This child will read of this conversation over an unusual new way of communication and they will presume it to be fiction. This child is also happens to be your brother’s great-great-great and so on great grandchild,” the old man’s disembodied voice seemed to become more rapid. As if he did not have much time to speak.
  13. “But child, I speak only to you now, you must remember what young Master Grisham has stated: Every secret does have a story and every story a secret. You must never forget that these secrets have a peculiar way of integrating themselves into your life and binding you with their tales. Never let that happen. I have gone down that particular road many times before and it is not a safe one. Alas I say good bye, my child. This is the last of Master Court Delaney…” The old man’s voice faded gently away.
  14. It took me a matter of moments to find the courage to stand from my seat. I did not know what had happened for the darkness had shielded my vision, but when the candles were finally lit again, I found I was alone in this cottage.
  15. The old man had gone.
  16. The year was 1011, the day was today and the month was this month. If you asked how I am faring, I would say that I am very much alive and very well. I would also thank you for asking. Then, we would continue our discussion until we would both become brutally honest with one another:
  17. I need those secrets, child. And I need them now.
  18. Okay thats it. Hope you liked the story... thanks for reading and... yes, thank you.

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