Loved... (part 1)

This is a story. I wrote it. It is called "Loved...". This introduction is really, really, boring. Good-bye random stranger person. I said "good-bye!" Just go read! I have nothing else to say! So, aloha! (That means hello and GOOD-BYE!) Leave me alone. Good-bye...

Darn, I forgot I MUST have two paragraphs before proceeding/ continuing. I MUST have one hundred and fifty characters before proceeding/ continuing. I'm using long and unnecessary wording just to take up space!

Created by: TNMEBDMS girl

  1. Okay! The name of this story is "Loved...". I hope you like it.
  2. I miss it. I miss being loved. I used to have somebody who would always say, "I'll love you no matter what." I fell for it. I let him trick me into believing he acually loved me. Am I the only one? Has he tricked anyone else. I can't believe him. He was my whole world. He left me surrounded by nothingness when he left me. I still wonder if he actually loved me, in the start of it all.
  3. My name is Anaretta Cliff. I have deep, ocean-colored blue-green eyes. I have a small point-tipped nose. I have thin, long, blonde, eyebrows. My hair is a dark, dirty blonde. I'm an only child. I am 18. I graduated last month. It's July now. I live in a small town, right in the middle of "nowhere-ville".
  4. It all started three years ago. I was fourteen. I met my first love. His name was Spencer. He was the cutest thing ever. A few freckles (not too much, but the perfect amount that makes you fall for a guy). He had messy chocolate-brown hair that landed the right way. Dark, deep green-lit eyes that you could get lost into. His nose wasn't huge, or barely visible, it was... perfect. Spencer was the cute guy that all the other girls would have swooned to have. I never thought my first love would be my first heartbreak.
  5. The first day of 8th grade. Spencer was the new kid, and it was my third and final year at this school.
  6. I just closed my locker, and as soon as I turned around to start heading to my first class of the day, when I bumped into someone. "Sorry!" I said, looking down and helping him pick up his books. "No it was my fault." the boy said sweetly. I looked up at his face. He quit picking up his books and stared at me. His sweet and soft lips broke into a smile and he said "Hello." I couldn't help but saying "Hot." dreamily. I put my hand over my mouth. Oh my gosh. Why did I say that?! It just slipped out! He set his books on the ground, which we were already kneeled on, and took my hand off my mouth. Then...
  7. Then he kissed me. "Don't be embarrassed." he said. I smiled, not at his comment, but the 8 second kiss. I stood up quickly with my books. I brushed my hair behind my ear. "Uuuummm... I gotta get to class." I said, looking a the ground, not at him. I started to walk away when he grabbed my wrist and pulled me around. "I'm Spencer." he said. I couldn't refuse his adorable face. By now everyone was out of the hallway and in class. "Anaretta" I replied. "Now I really have to get to class. My math teacher will know I'm not there." I said. I was always the goody-goody who was the first in the classroom. He was still smiling. "I have math too. Maybe you could show me around..." he said. I took his hand and leaded him down the hallway.
  8. We entered the classroom and sat down a split second before the bell rang. "Thank God" I said quietly under my breath so nobody could hear me. The teacher glared at us, but said nothing. The teacher called row and we began the boring lesson of the day. When the teacher wasn't looking, Spencer and I caught glances at each other. Nobody seemed to notice. We were seated far from each other, so nobody knew what we were staring at.
  9. CLIFF-HANGER! Sorry if this part was too short and/or boring, but trust me, it WILL get better.
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