Loved and Undead Part 4

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Created by: mydrearysoul

  1. Where did I leave off....oh yeah! You overhear Adrian and Sam arguing about wiping your memory. You go off onto the back porch and sit in one of the patio chairs. "How could they do that to me? More importantly, WHY? I mean, sure they want to start over, but I want to remember our adventures!" You yell out loud. Adrian opens the back door and sits next to you. "Woah...are you, crying?" He asks. You didn't even notice the tears dripping down your face. "Huh? Oh, no. I just get alergies." You lie. "Jez..." He pesters. "Oh alright! I heard you and Sam talking about erasing my memory." You confess. Adrian's eyes widen. "Jez, it wasn't my idea." "I know, it was Sam's, but WHY?" "He says it would be fair to us all. He said you've been traumatized enough. He wants you to live a normal life." "I'll never be normal." Yo say and storm away. Adrian yells for you to come back, but you keep walking out to the beach. You sit on the beach, the waves coming inches from your feet. You feel a warm, relaxing hand touch your shoulder. You find yourself blinking and nodding, and you doze off.
  2. You wake up in the clouds, literally. You're lying down on a fluffy cloud. You look down and see a beach. Too far away to determine which beach, but you take a lucky guess. Venice? You look over to your right and see and boy, with purple hair and dark shades. He's wearing a black and white striped jacket and some black jeans over combat boots. He looks up at you and smiles. "Hiyah." He says. You lay still, afraid of plummeting to the earth. "How'd you sleep?" He asks with a soothing voice. That voice, so familiar too. If only you could recall. "Who...are you? Are you a son of Air too?" You ask. The boy laughs. "No, anyone can float on a cloud if they want to. Air has only three kids, that boy and twin girls." "Zion has sisters?" "If that's his name, then yes." He says, his voice washing over you. You sit up and try to recognize him, when it hits you. "Hey! You were the guy who kissed me last night!" You accuse. The boy's face flushes. "N-No, it wasn't me." He stammers. "Yea it was! I recognize your voice!" That makes the boy smile. "My voice, huh? Very hard to confuse with someone else's, don't you aggree?" "I guess, it's pretty unique." "Yea, name's Marcus, by the way." "Are you a spirit or something." "More like a son of a minor element." "There are MINOR elements?" "Sure, elements are anything and everthing. They don't always have to do with things totally obvious to mankind. For instance, I'm the son of Sleep." "Which would explain a lot." You mumble. Marcus laughs, his laugh is contagious, so you join in. "So, why do you wear sunglasses?" You ask. Marcus stops laughing and looks away in shame. "Eyes are the most important part of a person. They can be powerful. Sometimes, too powerful. And being a son of Sleep...I could make a person pass out for a year by accident." "Oh..."
  3. "My eyes are the color green, I'm the only one who can look at them and not pass out." You are so tempted to see them, the wonder and beauty his eyes must have. You almost rip off his sunglasses when you hear someone calling your name. "JEZ!!!" The boys yell below you. Marcus takes your hand, almost making you faint, and you both jump off the cloud. An inch above the ground, times stops, then goes again, causing you no pain when you hit the sand. "Lemme guess, you put time to sleep?" You ask. Marcus smiles weakly and shrugs. The boys run up to you and stop when they see Marcus. "Who's he?" Jason asks. "This is Marcus, son of Sleep." You introduce. The boys shake hands with Marcus, making their eyelids droop a little. "That's a pretty powerful escence, I almost nodded off for a second." Zion muses. "By the way Zion, why didn't you tell me you have SISTERS?" You ask. "They have sisters too!" Zion accuses. The boys start pushing each other around and saying "Why'd ya tell her that?" and "My sister's crazy, shuddup!". You try to break up the fight, but four boys is too much. You look at Marcus for back-up and he smiles a "yes". He snaps his fingers and they all collapse. You almost pass out, but you hold your ground, making your head spin. Marcus catches you and you faint.
  4. You wake up, but you can't open your eyes. Stupid freaking coma, you think. You hear Sam's voice. "-did this to her? Do something about it!" Sam yells. "It was an accident, I don't know why she's lasting longer than you guys! I'm not sure how to-" He says but pauses. "What?" Jason asks impatiently. "I-I know how to wake her up, but you guys are gonna hate me for it." Marcus says. "What're you gonna do to her?" Adrian asks angrily. "I'm going to kiss her." Marcus says, hearing the smile in his voice. "WHAT?" Zion yells. "It MIGHT work, I AM son of Sleep." Marcus protests. You hear silence, and you guess the other's went with Marcus' plan. Sure enough, you feel to warm lips touch yours, melting you all over and instead of going deeper into sleep, you open your eyes and see Marcus. What you also see is Adrian, Zion, Jason, and Sam lying on the floor unconcious. Marcus stops and leans back, his sunglasses on now. "It worked!" Marus says with triumph. Don't you just hate me for making you wait for the best guy? Anyways, you try to move, but your whole body feels like jelly from the kiss. Marcus chuckles and picks you up. He lays you on the sand and your feeling slowly returns. Marcus kneels next to you. "Sorry about, you know." He says with a smile. "How long was I out?" "Only twenty minutes, the guys woke up shortly before." He says and you sit up, weakly, but you manage.
  5. You lay back on the sand and stare at the starry sky. You know, because it's night now. Marcus lays next to you and puts his arm around your shoulder, giving you the chills. Marcus laughs. "I felt the chill." He says. You laugh along with him when you think of something. "Hey, the guys are gonaa get pissed off when they wake up." You say. "Yea....?" Marcus says with a smile. "Could you, make sure that doesn't happen for a while?" You say and blush. Marcus grins, gets up, a minute later, he comes back and lies down next to you. "Okay, I killed them." He says smiling.
  6. "WHAT?" You yell and stand up. Marcus laughs. "Just kidding." He says, laughing hysterically from his prank. He keeps laughing in clenches his stomach. "That WASN'T funny!" You yell at him, but he keeps laughing. You sit next to him. "Marcus!" You yell. Marcus keeps laughing. You kiss him to shut him up, thank God he does. But he looks at you, amazed. "What?" You ask, your face feeling red. "You..." "What?" "Are really..." "Yes?" "Really..." "Yeeeaaaa?" "Really..." He says and kisses you again. When he leans back, his glasses fall off and he quickly shuts his eyes. You grab the glasses and through them into the ocean. You kiss him again and pin him to the sand. He opens his eyes and you look directly into them, but don't fall asleep. Instead, you both enjoy the moment.
  7. You open your eyes. "I didn't fall asleep." You say happily. "I finally learned how to control them! All thanks to you." Marcus saus with a smile. You both lean in to do a little celebration kiss, but you feel a hand on your shoulder. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" A girl's voice ask. You turn around and...
  8. words...
  10. elements...

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