Will you survive a zombie apocalypse?

The news shows people roaming the streets and biting each other. A deadly virus has broken out. the undead are walking. You then hear groans and howls coming from out side. It has begun.

Take this test to see if you can become a survivor, and rage a bloody and brutal war against the undead. From your mode of transport to sticky situations, a range of questions that pit you against the undead lie in this quiz..

Created by: Joseph wills

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  1. You are watching the news one night. An infection has broken out. you see video footage of people running around, biting each other. What do you do?
  2. First off, What do you live in.
  3. Who do you live with?
  4. Next, you will need a mode of transport.
  5. DO you own any weapons in your house?
  6. You are out of ammo, and you have a load of zombies coming towards you fast. You think your trapped in your house, But at the last moment you manage to dive out the back window and escape. Where do you go now?
  7. You are at an armory and you find a whole wall of guns, but you only have strengh for one. What gun do you take?
  8. You are the leader of a group of survivors, With a convoy of cars. You are in a hummer at the front of the convoy, and you are driving through a city. You turn the next corner to find a street full of zombies. What do you do?
  9. You are moving through a house when a zombie jumps out from the shadows and bites at your arm violently. you manage to draw your pistol and shoot the zombie to death, but know you've been bitten. You know that you only have 24 hours before you become a zombie. what now?
  10. Finnally, you have been rescued. The pilot is the only one in the chopper who can fly it, but then he turns zombie, what do you do now?

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Quiz topic: Will I survive a zombie apocalypse?